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"Transparency–is the word which comes to my mind when I mention IQ Tech Pros to any of my colleagues. Right from keeping me posted on all my legal paperwork, to sharing my contract info with me and advising me on my professional and personal growth"
-Ketan R., TX
"With IQ Tech Pros, I am earning 33% more than with my previous employer. And getting paid on time."
-W. Li, CA
"Even after 30 years in [the channel] business, every once in a while I am pleasantly pleased to find a company in the industry that is providing a great service..."
-Robert Cohen,
"I have access to affordable Health Insurance and a 401k plan.I would definitely recommend IQ Tech Pros..."
-R. Davis, OH
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H1B Problems

  • Do you ever feel like your H1B visa status is inhibiting your career growth?
  • Having sleepless nights about your Green Card / H1B Sponsorship? Is time running out?
  • Worried about your job security?
  • Do you feel like you're being taken advantage of because you are only receiving a fraction in wages of what your employer is billing you for?
  • Are you sick of being paid less than your co-workers because of your H1B status? Or at being paid less than the industry average even if you're more qualified?